Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Cook Chestnut

Wondering how to cook chestnuts? It is not mysterious or difficult as you might think, and even if you decide to cook, there are several wonderful chestnut products even easier to enjoy, this wonderful nugget of nutrition.

Selection and preparation of chestnuts
If you like to cook chestnuts wants to work, be sure to buy very fresh chestnuts. They should feel heavy in your hand and do not rattle in its shell. Chestnuts tend to go wrong - fastworm-eaten and moldy. Chestnuts have a hard shell and an inner thin skin, which is necessary to remove and eat. It 's easier to remove them when the chestnuts are hot. You always have to shell pierced before cooking to avoid increasing the pressure of the mother and explode.
Three ways on how to cook Castagna
chestnuts - just like the Christmas song, learn to cook the chestnuts on the fire for an enjoyable family vacation.You need a long-handled chestnut roaster special or popcorn to do so. With a sharp knife, an X through the shell of each chestnut. Place in baking pan and, occasionally, for about 20 minutes, stirring and turning the pan. Cook the chestnuts - This gives results similar to roast, but does not require special equipment. Just cut the skin with an X and in the pan. Bake at 375 ° C for about 20 minutes. If you wrap the chestnuts in a towel, whilestill warm, you can peel more easily. Chestnut Boiling - Boiling chestnuts is a good option if you are designing with them in a recipe. You can cut the chestnuts in half and make sure they are well before cooking. Place chestnuts in a lead pot with cold water and boil. Five minutes or until the chestnuts are done as you like (this depends a bit 'on the size and what to do with them in the recipe). Shell the chestnuts and peel under cold running water, whilethey are still hot (you can wear gloves).
Chestnut Products

Pressure Cooker

Chestnuts are very nutritious, low fat, and can be used in many ways. Even if you do not learn to cook chestnuts, try adding some of the products of large chestnut tree on the market in this food relevant to your life.
Roasted chestnuts - you can buy glasses use Maroni. Add to soups, stews, steamed vegetables, or just enjoy straight from the glass. ChestnutPuree - This is prepared in sweetened and unsweetened, depending on how you want to use. Chestnut flour - This is a great product for people, gluten-free diet. Adds an interesting dimension to cakes, breads, pancakes and other baked goods.

How to Cook Chestnut

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